Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

K5T leadership programs are led by community members and support solutions that benefit the community.

This approach fosters a collaborative and supportive environment for K5T participants and the community as a whole. By focusing on a community-led and culturally relevant approach, K5T is developing current and future community leaders.

K5T community projects provide valuable skills training to participants and have additional benefits to the community by developing leaders, building infrastructure, finding creative solutions to community problems, and providing community resources. Examples of K5T community projects include:

  • Development of a community owned greenhouse and market garden farm to produce thousands of pounds of local, nutritious food for community members.
  • Implementation of fine dining events catered by community members with locally-sourced and traditional food.
  • Various construction projects, such as, a training facility and shop, a commercial chicken coop, a community irrigation system, a smokehouse, and wheelchair ramps for elders at their homes.
  • Increasing wildfire resiliency starts with skills development, education, and addressing community vulnerabilities. Our fire smart initiative intends to improve the local wildfire resiliency by implementing ignition zone mitigation activities for homes in the community of Gitaus (IR#1).

  • Community led
  • Community-based teams and projects
  • Collaborative
  • Leadership development
  • Positive energy
  • Creative solutions
  • Follow-through
  • Community resource and solutions development
  • Training infrastructure
  • Explore your leadership potential

  • “Come and Build” community program

  • Inclusive, equitable, diverse