Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Summer Student Program

The goal of the summer student program is to give youth workforce experience and to develop professional and social skills so that they can transition into post secondary education or careers.

Some of the professional skills include:

  • How to perform in interviews

  • Working on teams with others

  • Allowing participants to build their work experience and resumes

  • Personal and professional development and building action plans

  • Training in Essential Skills.

While the program allows youth to try out different jobs to see what they like, it also actively builds relationships within the community. The program offers many opportunities for participants to get to know our community and our history/teachings/culture.

The community connections are increased through the integration of a peer mentorship model whereby post-secondary students are paired up with high school students to support their journey to education, training, and employment after high school graduation.

Job placements are made within various employers throughout the Region.

  • Ages 15+
  • Education planning
  • Driver’s license programs

  • Dual credit program
  • Grade 12 credit
  • Post-secondary credit
  • Career planning
  • Paid work experience

  • Job shadowing
  • Environmental monitoring

  • Skilled Trades

  • Ethnobotany study

  • Food production programs

  • Archaeology study

  • First aid training and certification