Eve is a Kitselas First Nation youth and K5T participant.
She is currently training to be a professional cook through the
Kitselas Community-led Apprenticeship Development (KCAD) program.

Growing up, Eve was fascinated by the Food Network and watching her parents and grandma preserve fish. She has always been drawn to preparing culturally-oriented foods in a creative way. After experiencing the challenges of attending high school during the Covid-19 pandemic, Eve looked for other options to complete her education. Through the KCAD program, Eve discovered she could complete grade 12 while pursuing a Red Seal trade through the Dual Credit program. Eve took the opportunity to pursue her culinary interests and registered for Professional Cook 1 at Coast Mountain College. During this time, she lived in the dorms at Coast Mountain College, which allowed her to attend classes during the week and return home to her family on weekends. Not only was she learning to live away from home for the first time, but she was also balancing her studies with working and staying active in sports – a true testament to her strong work ethic.

Through her apprenticeship training, Eve recently had the opportunity to work with K5T’s head chef George Lenser at the 2023 K5T Career Expo and Forum where she prepared traditional foods with a creative flair. She is looking forward to many more opportunities to combine her love of traditional foods with her creativity. Upon completing her culinary training, she plans to travel the world to experience everything there is to do with food. She then plans to come home and work in a kitchen where she will be truly happy utilizing the skills learned from her journeys and the Culinary Arts program. Eve has kept busy applying her skills working at Xanders coffee shop. She is also an avid athlete and plays soccer with the Terrace Women’s Soccer Association for Team Terrace Providers. Her advice to others looking to pursue a career in the culinary arts is to “Speak up in the kitchen because it gets loud. Everybody has questions.”

Jordan Squires