Tyler grew up in Terrace as a Member of the Kitselas First Nation. By providing employment opportunities for Kitselas community members through his business, West Metric, Tyler is a valuable partner to K5T.

The Kitselas community has been close to Tyler’s heart all his life. From a young age, he dreamed of starting his own business as part of developing Kitselas capacity. He has over twenty years of experience in construction. After beginning his career in road construction, he was soon hired by Bear Creek Contracting to work in civil construction. In that role, Tyler gained extensive experience in operating, drilling, and blasting, and his hard work led to a promotion to supervisor.

In July 2022 Tyler saw his childhood dreams come true when he started his own business, as co-owner of West Metric, a heavy industrial, residential, and civil construction company. With an influx of construction work coming up in the area, Tyler saw not only a business opportunity, but also a way to engage the community. His vision is to hire local people so he can support the community and pave the way for future generations. Currently, three out of four employees at West Metric are Kitselas, while the fourth person has an important role in the community. This means close to 100 percent Kitselas involvement and more locals building our community. West Metric started its first project in September 2022.

Tyler is deeply committed to his family. Together with his wife, who is of Nisga’a heritage, they have two children. In addition to starting his business, he has also recently finished building his family their first home, making this a very busy and exciting time.

Jordan Squires