Jordan, whose background is Nisga’a and Tsimshian, spent his childhood in the Nass Valley. He is delighted to now be living and working in the Kitselas community as an Employment Developer for Kitselas Five Tier System (K5T).

After moving to Terrace, Jordan sought employment assistance from Kitselas Five Tier (K5T), which helped him obtain employment on the pipeline. Jordan always had fond memories of his time in the K5T program during which he built strong relationships with the team. In 2020, Jordan completed the Indigenous Advancement of Cultural Entrepreneurship (I-ACE) course and shortly thereafter was hired at K5T.

In his role as Employment Developer, Jordan has played a vital role in the Kitselas community by assisting Members on their career paths. He enjoys helping Members build employment action plans, gain certifications, and obtain valuable skills training. He has taken a lead role in important projects such as FireSmart and the summer student employment project. Working with K5T and the Kitselas community is extremely rewarding for Jordan and the K5T team and participants know Jordan as a warm and approachable individual.

Jordan is a devoted father and enjoys spending time with his family.

Jordan Squires